The importance of the eyelash curler

The eyelash curler.

It doesn't seem like this item would be so important that I would devote an entire blog post to it, but trust me, it is.
I remember watching my mom use one of these when I was little. It was so weird - looked like she was trying to pull her eyeball out or something.
Thank you, Mom, for introducing me to the all-important eyelash curler.

It's something that every woman should use just about every day. And, in conjunction with mascara, it changes lives. These two items together can turn small, almost-invisible eyes into big, bright, beautiful eyes. Every woman should be using mascara and an eyelash curler.
Yes, every woman (unless you have been blessed with extremely luscious, full, dark lashes - and if you have, I hate you).

And now to the reason for this post.

My eyelash curler is broken!! It broke yesterday and I have not had a chance to go get a new one. It really is traumatic.
I swear, my eyelashes are sticking straight out, instead of curling beautifully upward, and everyone is noticing. They may not be saying anything, but they are definitely noticing my ugly eyelashes.

Replacing this very important product TODAY.

So ladies, if you have one, you understand what I'm saying.
If you don't, OMG - go get one NOW!!!!


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