Pacifier Woes

I should have taken it away a long time ago. Lord knows it would have been a lot easier at 6 months, when he wasn't nearly as stubborn and headstrong as he is now, at nearly 21 months.

And, I'm seriously sick of pictures like this one:

And this one, where someone has just taken his pacifier and he's about to have a meltdown because he wants it back:This is day number one of "Operation Bye-Bye Paci." I told him that he is a big boy now and there is a baby that needs his pacifiers. He seemed excited about that - until he realized that meant he didn't get the pacifier anymore. But, once out of sight, out of mind it seemed.

The morning went well. Afternoon nap was non-existent. Evening has been okay. I'm seriously scared about what bedtime will bring. Will he go to sleep without it? Will I give in to his crying and hand the stupid thing over?

I need to stay strong!! Help.


  1. How is it going? I hope it has been smooth and relatively easy.

    We made Steven give up his pacifier at 17 months and it took a few days before he was totally over it. Naps were harder than the nights, but soon enough, he forgot all about it. Henry can do it. Just hang in there!


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