Shampoo Bottles and Temper Tantrums

It all began this morning when Henry saw an empty shampoo bottle in the bathroom garbage can. He wanted it. He has plenty of toys - why does he want to play with something that is in the garbage? Oh well - not a big deal - so I just let him play with it.

Then it was time to get dressed so we could go for a run. For some reason, Henry does not want to have his diaper changed anymore - EVER. So every time he knows I'm going to put him on the changing table he fights me - flails around, screams, cries....

Finally, we were dressed and ready to go for our run. He didn't want to part with his shampoo bottle, so I let him take it. Usually, when we are leaving the house Henry will give Jack a treat as we're walking out the door.

Today? Not so much.

Instead of giving Jack his treat like a nice boy, he teased Jack and wouldn't actually give it to him. I had to chase Henry around the back yard and take the treat out of his hand so I could give it to our poor puppy myself.

Now, time to run. Right? Wrong. Henry got upset when I put him in the stroller and started crying.


Henry used to LOVE riding in the stroller. Lately, he has become more and more impatient and would rather walk than ride in the stroller.

No. No. No. NO.

This is MY ONE HOUR of the day. MINE. The only time I can listen to MY music instead of Nick Jr. or ESPN. The only time I can do something that is truly for ME, instead of homework or replying to emails, laundry or cleaning the house. This is my time and I'm not giving it up.

So there.

Now, Henry is in the stroller, holding onto his shampoo bottle and my phone. He likes to play with my phone and if that will keep him occupied in the stroller during my hour of running, then that's what we'll let him have.

Everything was going well. We were headed toward City Park on 17th Avenue, until I saw that the sidewalk was closed and we couldn't cross Colorado Blvd from 17th. So we turned North one block early. Henry began screaming. Why? I have no idea.

He threw my phone out onto the street, then the shampoo bottle, and finally his Rockies hat.

I thought I was going to lose it. I tossed the phone, bottle and hat into the bottom of the stroller, turned my IPOD up nice and loud and began running. It was all I could do to ignore his tantrum, and it was interesting seeing the faces of people looking at us as we ran by. They probably thought I was a terrible mother. But they say to ignore tantrums, unless they involve hitting, kicking or spitting... Am I doing something wrong?

I don't know. All I know is this is my hour. If I lose this hour, I may lose my mind. So for now, I guess I'll just turn up the music as loud as I can...

"Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. HEY MICKEY..... HEY MICKEY...."

What's that Henry? Mommy can't hear you right now.


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