The Skinny on the Vegetarian Diet

As you know, I have been doing the vegetarian thing since the beginning of the year. It is now mid March and I couldn't feel better. After flirting with it a bit last year, but eventually falling off the wagon, I decided that the vegetarian lifestyle was what I really wanted after viewing a PETA video, narrated by my FAV Paul McCartney, called "Glass Walls." You can watch the video here. This video had a profound impact on my life. In 13 short minutes, I made the decision to never eat meat again. The things that humans do to animals disgust me and I want to have no part of it.

I know that it sounds super difficult to give up meat, and even more difficult to become a vegan and give up all animal products, but it CAN be done - it just requires a few key changes to your lifestyle.
  • Because of the increased popularity of the vegetarian diet, more and more stores are offering meat substitutes. This is great! I often buy organic meat substitute items at Super Target, which makes things very convenient. However, you will find a much larger (and better tasting) selection at stores like Whole Foods. It may be a bit more expensive, but I promise it is totally worth it.
  • Meat substitutes come in so many varieties - you can get everything from veggie burgers to "chicken" strips to "ground beef" for recipes like soups or pastas. I promise there are some GREAT tasting substitutes out there.
  • Many restaurants are offering a wider variety of vegetarian and vegan choices. In Denver, there is a restaurant called Watercourse. It is awesome and filled with yummy vegetarian food. If you live in Denver, I encourage you to check it out! Today I took my son to a local bakery called Cake Crumbs which offers vegan and gluten free cupcakes!
  • If you think it is too difficult to go vegan and completely give up all animal products, try to buy organic eggs (cage-free). Again, the cost is a bit higher, but completely worth having a more clear conscience.
  • Keep a snack, like a protein bar, in your purse at all times. Don't find yourself starving and stuck at the mall food court with nothing but McDonald's or Chick-fil-A as your options. They aren't animal friendly - and they certainly aren't your body's friend either!!
  • Stick meat substitutes in the food that you cook for your entire family! My husband isn't a vegetarian (I've tried...) and I constantly make "burgers" or "chicken" salad and he has no idea that he is eating a meat substitute until I tell him! He actually likes the substitutes!

Those were just a few things to help make the transition to becoming a vegetarian a bit easier. There are so many health benefits to a vegetarian lifestyle as well. Lowering your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity - just to name a few. I'll go into the benefits of vegetarianism more in my next post.

I hope that you'll watch the Glass Walls video and give the vegetarian lifestyle a try. I know that it has been great for me - I'm hooked!

Good luck!


  1. Cake crumbs is where I got Sawyer's birthday cake! How are youuuu?


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