No more meat?

Yeah, that's right... I have decided to give up meat - well, except for fish. Today was my 6th meatless day, and it actually hasn't been too bad. I keep an online food journal, so I keep track of my caloric intake, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, etc... and my protein levels actually haven't gone down that much. So far, so good...

This whole thing began on Saturday. I was flipping through the channels and found "EATING" - a documentary by Mike Anderson. It was seriously shocking to see what we are really eating and where our meat comes from. Not only that, but it also explained how that meat affects our bodies. Here is a great introduction to the documentary. It may seem radical to you - my husband thought I was crazy when I told him that I was going to change my diet. I haven't decided to go 100% plant based, but I think I am really going to improve my health with the changes that I am making.

Check it out! You may be just as shocked as I was.


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