Time for my new stroller!

This week I am FINALLY getting the jogging stroller that I have wanted for a while now... The BOB Revolution. I love them. Some friends also recommended the Chariot, but those are MUCH more expensive, and I think the BOB will suit our needs perfectly...

The great news? REI is running a Labor Day Sale - 20% off jogging strollers! That means the BOB will cost me $311 instead of $390! Yay!!

Now the only question is which color to get... I have narrowed it down to these two:

Orange? Or Brown/Blue? Oh this is a hard one....
Either way, I am so glad that we live in Denver because I'll be able to use this stroller almost year round. Contrary to popular belief, we usually have great winters....
This should help me train for the Denver HALF! Only about a month and a half before the race!


  1. Brown and blue, I want the brown and blue!! LOVE, love LOVE the BOB. Best stroller in the world!!!!


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