5am comes super early

But it is SO worth getting up that early for an amazing workout.

I know that sounds so fake - like, yeah Sarah...I'm sure you just LOVE getting out of bed at 5am to go get on the treadmill.

It's true that when my alarm goes off I really don't want to get out of my warm, comfy bed, get dressed and venture out into the freezing temperatures before the sun even comes up. But lately, I have been forcing myself to do it and the results have been amazing! It feels so good to get a long run under my belt before the rest of my family is even out of bed. I love starting the day with that boost of endorphins and energy.

Plus, there is that little fact about my almost-2-year-old not wanting to ride in the jogging stroller for an hour anymore. So, instead of forcing him into the stroller and trying to ignore his tantrums throughout my run, I just force myself out of bed at 5am. Totally worth it for the "me time". And on those days where there is no possible way I could get on that treadmill, I just head to a Yoga or Pilates class. I've been lifting more weights lately too and I can completely feel my body changing. I'm about at the level of physical activity that I was before Henry was born - and I feel like that is a major accomplishment!

If I can do it, just about anyone can do it. I used to be 237 pounds, people. Choose to make exercise a priority and stop making excuses. It is possible to be the best person you can be! If you are going to try this early morning workout thing, though, make sure to eat something before you go. Just a little energy will go a long way during your workout. And, you'll be amazed at just how many Denverites are at the gym at 5am. No wonder we're the fittest state...

So thank you, 5am. You have made me a much happier and fitter person!


  1. Great Article. In my downtown studio it is hilarious to me how the 6am class people think the 5am class people are insane, and the lunchtime class thinks the 5 and 6am class are both insane!

    Honestly though, the best part about 5am workouts is that you have your whole day ahead of you and you have gotten the most important thing out of the way already :)

  2. Ohhh... love the new header. Mr. H is so darn adorable. Thanks too for some motivation. I'm such a slacker when it comes to working out!

  3. Jamie - I agree. I LOVE getting my workout finished first thing. I'm thinking I like 6am best, because in order to make it to a 5am workout means getting up at 4:30am! For some reason, setting the alarm for 5 or 5:15 seems SO much better than 4:30. I promise - I'll check out an early boot camp very soon...

    Launa - glad I could provide some motivation! Exercise is addictive! It's the getting started part that is the hardest.


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