The vegetarian and the hunter

Cory is one of those manly men. He likes to do macho things with his buddies - play golf, watch sports (in HD, of course), drink beer, mow the lawn, play fantasy football, burp, fart....the list goes on and on. I guess I don't mind so much that he is a manly man. It's kinda sexy sometimes (except for the burping and farting).

Oh, and then there's the hunting.

Yes, Cory is a hunter. He actually enjoys killing innocent animals that are just attempting to live their lives in peace, feed their young and stay warm. I mean, it is seriously like Bambi - in real life.

I, on the other hand, am a vegetarian and full-blown member of PETA. Yes - that's People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I'm thinkin' that sneaking up on an animal in the forest and murdering it in cold blood is not exactly ethical treatment.

So this weekend Cory's dad drove out from Illinois for an elk hunting adventure somewhere near Gunnison. Cory killed a "big bull" on the first day. Today they took it to the meat processor to make all kinds of edible products out of it - hamburger, steaks, sausage...


I just can't stop thinking about that poor elk's family. He probably had a wife and a little toddler at home. How would Cory like it if someone just shot him and left his wife and toddler to fend for themselves? I'm guessing he wouldn't be too cool with that.

You may be wondering how the vegetarian and the hunter ended up married to each other.

Good question.


  1. Haha! I'm sorry for laughing but I keep thinking of the elk having a wife and a toddler at home!
    I appreciate you wonderful non meat eaters but I live near an In-n-out so that's so not happenin' for me!

  2. Launa - I've never eaten at In & Out Burger, but I've heard good things. Guess I lost my chance 'cause there's no chance I'll eat it now!


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