I. Can't. Move.

I'm not even exaggerating.

I work out. Regularly. However, I understand that I may not always push myself as hard as I should, or target every muscle as effectively as I'd like to. Because of this, I like to change it up a bit and occasionally attend different classes that will push me farther than I do myself.

When I attend a new workout class, I sometimes expect to be a little sore due to the usage of muscles that I may not typically target. I NEVER expect to be so sore that I can hardly move. I mean, I work out, right?! I shouldn't get THAT sore!

I was miserable yesterday. I'm still miserable today.

It all began with happy hour on Friday evening with a big group of friends. It was perfect - my sister stayed with Henry so Cory and I could have a fun evening together. Many of the people in our group are members of Altitude Peak Fitness - a hardcore bootcamp-style workout facility in downtown Denver. They have all tried to convince me to try a class before, but the timing has never worked out. Well, after about 3 margaritas, a shot of tequila and a martini, I told them all that I'd be at bootcamp on Saturday morning at 9:30am.

A woman of my word, I forced myself off the couch on Saturday morning, threw on my sweats and a baseball hat, and headed to Altitude with a serious hangover.


After doing about a million lunges of every kind - side lunges, reverse lunges, walking lunges, etc... and another half-million squats and calf-raises, my entire lower body is in serious pain. Not to mention the abdominal and upper body work that we did. And running around the block - several times.

It is now Monday afternoon and I am still hurting. I don't think it helped that our instructor didn't even stretch us after this intense workout. Call me crazy, but I think stretching is kinda important... He didn't even introduce himself to me. Again, call me crazy, but I think if I were teaching a small workout class and there was a new person there, I'd probably take a minute to meet that person, find out if they have any injuries, etc... Am I completely off base here??
Maybe I'm being too tough on this place. I mean, I did get a very good workout. I probably won't give up on them completely just yet. I just hope that next time we at least get a good stretch after our butt-kicking.

Looking for a GREAT bootcamp instructor? Try Jamie Atlas at Bonza Bodies. He will definitely stretch you after your workout. And he'll always take the time to talk with any newbies in the room before the workout.

Now, time for a massage and a hot bath.


  1. I know what you mean, Sarah, about mixing up your workout routine with something new, but honestly, I can think of many ways to have a lot more fun while doing it! A pole dancing class will introduce you to muscles in your core that you had no idea were there... and as a bonus you'll feel immediately sexier afterwards! My regular routine is Jazzercise, but I bring in things like Michael Jackson dance classes, hula hooping, zumba, and hip hop yoga when I can to keep me on my toes. A boot camp of endless, monotonous lunges and squats would never get me back for a second session.

    Oh, and welcome to Stapleton Moms!
    Elizabeth Yarnell dot com


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