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The Skinny Mom likes to run (usually)... It's a great way to stay in shape, and I love the peaceful feeling I have running through City Park early in the morning...
Ahhh -- it's just me, the road, and.... oh yeah, that Bob jogging stroller with the almost 30 pound kid in it.

Pushing Henry in the stroller does make my morning runs a bit more challenging, and I definitely use more muscles because of it! But lately, I have had the hardest time! At first I couldn't figure out why I was feeling as if I were going to DIE during my runs, and then I thought about it and decided that it was....


My last pair of running shoes were the top-of-the-line Nike women's running shoes that I got at Nordstrom for about $115. I LOVED those shoes. After I had put about a million miles on them, I decided it was time for a new pair. Unfortunately, this summer things are a bit tight, financially speaking, in our house. The unpaid internship that I'm doing - along with the $13/hour that we're paying the nanny aren't helping matters much...

Anyway, I couldn't spend that much on running shoes this time, so I went to Sports Authority and found a pair of Nike running shoes that were on sale for $39.99! $40 for a pair of running shoes?! They actually make shoes that are that cheap?! Why did I ever spend over $100??!

Because they're better, that's why. I've had the cheap shoes for a few weeks now. They are rubbing the back of my ankle - what is that place called, again? I forgot... Anyway, they're rubbing there. And it hurts! Also, as I mentioned before, I feel like running is SO hard now! It has to be the shoes. Has to be. For sure.

So now, do I go buy a more expensive pair? Or do I live with this pair until our financial situation is better in the fall? I should have just bought the good shoes the first time. Now I'm going to spend way more anyway!

Lesson for all of you: Feet are important. Whether you're running or not, BUY THE GOOD SHOES.


  1. OMG Sarah....I just got on this. Didn't know you had this. I can't beleive you were ever that big. I have only know you as the tiny girl full of energy:) You are such an inspiration. I start tomorrow! Do you stick to a strict diet?

  2. Nike makes terrible running shoes. I'm actually surprised you even liked a pair even though you paid a ton. Saucony or Asics. Go to DSW, try on a ton and pick a pair that fits your shoe best. OR go to the running store on Colorado (forgetting the name) and have them evaluate your foot and running style and pick a shoe then leave and find it cheaper online. Nike would be the last pair of shoes I would wear for running!

    It's also about the socks. Socks are HUGELY important for running. Spend the extra few bucks and get good running socks. Your feet will LOVE you!

  3. Oops, and don't pick out a pair that fits your SHOE, I meant FOOT! Oops.

    Other tips: (Geeze I talk too much)
    Make sure when you try them on the roll from heel to foot to toe is smooth and nice. There should be no break in that transition.
    As you are walking make sure that it aligns your feet and doesn't push them inward or outward. Some have huge arch support and other hardly any. Depends on your foot.
    Wide toe base. Maybe TOO wide of a toe base.
    Always go at least a size UP. I go a size and a half. ALWAYS. Your feet spread and swell during runs and a shoe that fits like a glove at the store will have you all blistered by the end of a run.

    You probably already know this stuff but whatev.

  4. You know, I've heard that Nike shoes are the worst, but I've always been a Nike girl and have never bought anything else. Perhaps it's time to try something new...

    Thank you for the tips! I do go up a size and that is so helpful.

    Kim - yes, I really was that big! I do (try) to stick to a fairly strict diet, and I count calories and exercise just about every day. NEVER want to be that big again!


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