The REALLY Skinny Mom

I just don't have time to eat anymore. Seriously...
  • Today was the first day of classes for the Spring semester. I'm taking 12 credits.
  • I attempt to get in an hour of cardio at least 5 or 6 days every week.
  • I also attempt to do 30 minutes of weight training 3 days every week.
  • I am on the Board of my MOMS Club, which doesn't sound that difficult - but it seems like I'm reading and responding to like 25 "Board" emails every day. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit...
  • I am the coordinator for my MOMS Club playgroup - the "Apples" - this also requires lots of emailing and scheduling play dates, welcoming new members, etc...
  • I have to keep an online food journal, which I write down on a list in the kitchen and then update on the computer when I get a chance to get on the computer, which sometimes isn't for days... So every once in a while, I end up having to input 4 days of food/exercise into my online journal at once, which seems to take FOREVER....
  • I also have one of those children things - you know how time consuming they can be!
  • Every time I take a shower, I have to blow dry my hair. So sick of blow drying my hair.
  • I am applying for internships for this summer or fall - trying to get all of the junk together for that... You know, resume, letters of interest, reference letters... All the stuff that says how awesome I am.
  • I am researching preschools for Henry. Wow - that stuff is complicated! So many options with different price points, locations, teaching philosophies... My head is spinning.
  • In case any of you didn't know, I am also the "Rumple Household Manager" - this means I do the laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc...
  • Our fatty dog, Jack, needs a walk every day... Guess who is in charge of that... (I love you, Jack. I didn't mean it when I said you were a fatty.)

Well, the good thing is that I am spending a lot less time in the bathroom lately since I don't have time to eat anymore. It is also making my vegetarianism attempt a lot easier.

Here's to the busy moms out there.


  1. I'm with you, moms club isn't HARD but it does seem to take up a lot of time! Thanks for letting me talk you into it though! ;)


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