Fat Calves

I went to the mall today looking for a pair of cute boots. I found some that I LOVED - the Frye boots pictured here. The problem - they wouldn't fit over my fat calves!!

I am so frustrated right now. I am not a fat girl. I have seen so many heavy girls wearing cute boots that fit over their calves. What is wrong with me??

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to try boots on that you can't get over your calves?? Really embarrassing. And those weren't the only boots that I tried on today. And those weren't the only boots that didn't fit over my calves today.

So embarrassing.


  1. Most boots don't fit on girls that exercise a lot. BUT, there are companies that make bigger calved boots. Sucks though huh? I feel ya! Keep your head up, it's a GOOD thing! Muscle isn't fat!


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