Technological Advances

I got a new phone today - the Blackberry Bold 9700. It is pretty amazing. I don't even know how to work half of the functions that it is capable of. It got me to thinking about my first cell phone - the Nokia pictured here... At the time, I thought it was the coolest thing ever!! And really, all it did was make and receive calls...if I was lucky. You remember the feeling - riding in your car with your first cell phone, realizing that you could call someone at that exact moment if you really wanted to. So cool....
Now, my cell phone is permanently attached to my ear - either that or I'm emailing, texting, Facebooking.... Oh, and don't forget your phone at home -- Yeah, you know how it feels when you realize you've forgotten your phone. OMG, what if I get into an accident? What if something happens? What if my sister calls? Oh, what a terrible feeling.
Do any of you remember the days when you could eat dinner and not be interrupted by a phone? I swear, my husband cannot sit through a meal without checking his friend's Facebook status updates or texting someone about stupid fantasy football.
I think these phones are taking over our lives.... I hope they don't cause brain tumors.


  1. Haha, you still have your first phone, that is awesome! Yeah, 8th grade, my family got our first family cell phone. I was actually embarrassed to use it since no one I knew had one. It was huge, maybe the size of our couch.


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