Denver Marathon 10.18.09

So the hubby and I have bravely decided to go where neither of us have gone before - we are going to attempt the Denver HALF Marathon! Yes, that is 13.1 miles... Crazy, I know....
I am actually really excited. Although I have run up to 10 miles at one time on the treadmill before, today I did my farthest outdoor run that I have ever done - 4.3 miles. If nothing else, this will really help me get in great shape. I just want to finish the race - if I have to walk parts of it, I will. But, my goal is to run as much as possible, and of course, BEAT MY HUSBAND! Wish me luck, ladies!

For info on the Denver Marathon check out
For the Half Marathon route through beautiful Denver, CO check out

Doesn't it feel great to set a goal? I encourage all of you to set a goal that will help you lose weight, feel great, and increase your self-esteem. Start small - 5K, 10K, or even just walking a mile if that is more than you have done before. Start now! It is never too late.


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