It's funny how death can affect people.
Most of us had heard of Steve Jobs--we knew who he was, what he was responsible for--but didn't really think about him all that much during the operations of our daily lives. Even though many of those daily operations involved the use of something Steve Jobs created.

Thank you, Steve. Your iPod helped me to get into shape for the first time in my life. It helped me to stay in shape after my baby was born. It gives me hard-core rap music when I want to run, Neil Young when I want to cry. It gives me classical music when I want to stretch, country when I want to be reminded of the past, and Eric Clapton when I want to think of Mom. It's organized, compact, wonderful.

Thank you, Steve. Your Mac has renewed my faith in the personal computer. After owning slow, virus-prone PCs for years, my Mac has been a breath of fresh air that I never want to turn off.

Thank you, Steve. Your iPhone has made me jealous of everyone who owns one. I have wanted an iPhone for about a year now, and will get my first one, the iPhone 4S, in a couple of weeks. Other companies have been following in your footsteps since you created the first iPhone--all desperately trying to duplicate what you originally came up with. I can't wait to get one.

Thank you, Steve, for being the visionary your were. You've left your mark, and it will never be forgotten. I'm afraid that nothing will be the same from now on. Will anyone be able to fill your shoes? Will advances in technology slow due to your absence?

For someone who I never thought of much before now, I sure am sad that you're gone.


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