Who Needs a Kindle?

I love books.
I love the feel of them as I turn the pages.
I love the look of them piled on my bedside table.
I love the smell of the old, musty ones at the library.

Technology is good, but real, physical, non-downloadable books are better. Much better.

Computers could never look this pretty.

And an end table made from Kindles? I don't think so.
I'm never buying a Kindle or Nook or anything of the sort, so please don't ever go away, books, because I really like to read you.


  1. I agree totally. You can read books and not worry about spilling beer, coffee or wine on them. You can dog-ear the pages, you can drop things on them or even sit on them without worrying about an expensive mishap. You don't have to worry about the expense of losing them, like leaving them on a train or in a coffee shop - they are cheap and replaceable. They are the ultimate portable information devices!


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