Sweeten up your calorie burn

I'm one of those sweaty worker-outers. Some people can run four miles and look like they're posing for a Sports Authority commercial the entire time. I, on the other hand, get the tomato-red face and soaking wet, full-of-sweat hair. It's not pretty. But, I do what I have to do to stay in shape because, even if I look like a running nightmare during the workout, I look and feel a lot better after. It's completely worth it.

Now, however, I have a way to burn calories while maintaining my normal appearance - maybe even look sweeter than normal. Over the weekend I picked up my new Linus Dutchie cruiser bike from The Mindful Bike in Congress Park.

I'm. In. Love.

It looks just like the one pictured above, except it has a wicker basket mounted on the front. It's perfect: good for the environment and my health. I can even take a shower and put on makeup and a cute little dress before I ride it somewhere!

Obviously this isn't my main form of exercise. I still stick with my typical workout routine, but add this for little jaunts to the Farmers' Market or nearby shops and restaurants. It's great. I burn extra calories, don't have to search for a place to park, and look sweet the whole time.

Next summer, we'll be adding something like this:
Hope Henry's ready to join his mom!


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