In the May issue of Denver's 5280 Magazine there is an article about a woman that was so completely overwhelmed by debt that she vowed to begin living a simpler life - no more daily coffees, regular haircuts, buying new clothes - in order to pay off every penny that she owed. She started a blog and wrote about her experiences. It was a huge success- in fact, she scored more than 85,000 hits on her best day. And even better - she was able to pay back the $23,000 that she owed in 15 months.

That's focus.

I think I may be lacking focus.

Wow, what a beautiful day it is here today.... Oh, wait, what was I talking about?

Seriously though, I began this blog in order to talk about health, fitness, and nutrition for moms. Hence, "The Skinny Mom." Now, I usually just talk about whatever I feel like talking about. Perhaps if I had remained focused on my original idea, and posted more frequently, I'd be writing essays for (errr...maybe something a little more up my alley - like Parenting mag or Fitness...) or preparing to write a book.

Instead, I'm sitting here writing a blog about my lack of focus and wondering what I'm going to do with my life once my editorial internship is over... Freelance for magazines? Write a book? Sit by the pool? Those would all be ideal - if only they involved a regular paycheck.

Graduation is two weeks away. I need a plan.

I need to focus.


  1. You've got to figure out a few things: Are you in it for the money or the happy? If you are in it for the money then screw what you are passionate about and go for what pays. If you are in it for the happy (my favorite) then find that passion you have in whatever it is- vegetarianism, animal cruelty, fad diets, legit diets, exercise, running, whatever and go with it. Ruffle feathers. Write 80% of your posts geared toward the topic. Comment on a zillion blogs so people know where to find you. Many people got book deals through their blogs... that is the easy way. It's important to also write about yourself so people feel connected so don't feel like you are off track if you write about yourself! :)

  2. I'm in it for the happy - but I also need to think about my family. I haven't earned an income for more than two years now -- we really need to pay off some debt, etc.
    And,I don't really care if my blog goes "viral" - just thought the girl that blogged about geting out of debt was pretty cool... As soon as I graduate I'll have more time to comment on a zillion blogs...


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