My Body Hates Me

It's true.

I don't know what I did to make my body so mad at me, but I must have done something because it's getting back at me in the worst way.

I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. Yep...gluten intolerance. Gluten. As in, I'm-in-just-about-everything-gluten.

So, my typical breakfasts are out - goodbye pancakes, waffles and Kashi cereal.
Lunch, too. Goodbye PB & J on whole wheat.
Dinner? Yep. Goodbye Kashi pizza and cheese ravioli.
Oh no....PLEASE not dessert. You betcha. Bye-bye cupcakes.


I'm a vegetarian who cannot eat gluten. So..... what are my options?? Salad. Beans. Fruit. Vegetables.

... and not much else.

I can't even chew Orbit gum anymore. Yep, gluten. In gum! It's everywhere.... ((sigh))

Let's look at the silver lining in all of this. I'll probably lose weight because I'll be forced to eat more fresh, less processed foods. I'll also lose weight because we won't be able to afford to buy my gluten-free food. Whole Foods is SOOOO expensive!! I'll become really good at reading food labels while I'm looking for all of those sneaky scientific words for "gluten". I'll get to try new foods that I hadn't considered before.

Positive thoughts.......Positive thoughts.....
Everything will be okay......


  1. awwww, so too bad! aren't we just a culture that revolves around food and finding comfort in it? If only we didnt have so many choices, being celiac wouldnt be so bad! It's the temptation! Good luck finding delish food for you...and so inspiring to see your sidebar photos...before and afters. wow. thats courage and it's inspiring.
    just found you, and following now!

  2. No cupcakes?!?! :)
    What a pain - but maybe a blessing in disguise: fresh produce, no processed foods full of dyes and preservatives, more brown rice and beans. What about oatmeal? Can you eat oats?
    You are already a creative girl when it comes to food and maybe you'll learn to cook some yummy GF dishes! Share your recipes if you find some good ones. I'll try to eat a GF meal and think of you. You can do this!

  3. Well, thankfully there are several local bakeries that make GF cupcakes. We'll see how they taste...
    And, because there are conflicting studies regarding oats and whether they are bad for celiacs, my nutritionist told me to not eat them. :(
    I've heard that Snooze has some yummy GF pancakes I'll have to try soon. And, I had a fabulous GF pizza at Obio's in Park Hill the other night.
    Not the end of the world... Just some major changes.

  4. Oh hon, I'm sorry although I'm sure once you get used to it it won't be such a big deal.
    Do you have Trader Joe's out there? I'm pretty sure they carry a bunch of gluten free stuff that's not as pricey as Whole Foods and once you get on a regiment maybe you can convince your doctor to let you introduce oats and see how that affects you (I think oats are gluten free but they worry because they're often processed in the same place as wheat!)


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