And the winner is....

...someone other than me.

You know that feeling... The one where you feel like you can't win no matter what you do... The one where you feel like you are suddenly in the deep end of the pool and have somehow forgotten how to swim... You know the feeling. That's how I'm feeling right now.

The "normal" order of things:

1. Finish High School
2. Get Bachelor's Degree - or Master's, Doctorate, etc...
3. Find dream job
4. Meet Mr. Right
5. Marry Mr. Right
6. Have Mr. Right's child(ren)

The "Sarah" order of things:

1. Finish High School
2. Finish 1 semester of college
3. Work full time
4. Finish another semester of college
5. Back to work full time
6. Get Associate's Degree in Respiratory Therapy
7. Work full time
8. Meet Mr. Right
9. Follow Mr. Right to Denver
10. Work full time
11. Another semester of college
12. Marry Mr. Right
13. Work full time
14. Have Mr. Right's child
15. Back to school...again.

Ummmm..... I think I have totally screwed up the natural order of things and now I'm paying for it. I'm one year away from graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Communications. We hired a nanny to come stay with Henry while I'm in class two days per week. She has been here for 4 weeks and today she informed me that she was given the opportunity to do research for her school - it's an opportunity that she just can't pass up. So now, I have to start all over with ads, interviews, etc... to find a perfect stranger that I can trust enough to come to my home and stay with my son while I'm gone.

This is not good. Guess I should have followed the "normal" path.


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