Calorie Burners

I'm exhausted. Seriously. Our neighbors that live two houses away have 2 little girls - a 1 year old and a 4 year old. We have agreed to "kid swap" on occasions when one of us needs a sitter and the other is available. So, tonight our neighbors went out to dinner and we stayed with the girls while they were gone.


Their 2 girls + our 1 boy = 3 KIDS = 2 TOO MANY!!

They were really well behaved, but it is so tiring trying to take care of 3 kids! I feel like I burned 1,000 calories just chasing them around, feeding dinner, reading books, painting nails, changing channels, changing diapers, changing clothes, etc...

We've decided that our 1 little boy is perfect for us. No more are needed at this time.


  1. Too funny! I remember watching Sawyer's friend a few times and just two were exhausting. Now that they are older and can play with each other, two is easier than trying to entertain one!


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