Vacations are great. Our family just spent a week and a half in Springfield, Illinois -where my husband and I are originally from. It was our first road trip with Henry, and it went very smoothly! It was so nice seeing family and friends - many of them meeting Henry for the first time. We had so much fun.

There is only one problem - this vacation was a total diet-killer! I had been working so hard - exercising and eating right. There is just something about the Midwest that makes me want to EAT... very bad things!! Maybe it is the lack of things to do, or the hot and humid weather, or just the fact that I am on vacation so I end up overdoing it. Whatever it is, it is no fun to face the scale after not caring for over a week! I have gained three pounds... THREE POUNDS! That may not sound like a lot, but it is a lot when you are trying to work them off! If one pound = 3,500 calories, then I will have to cut 10,500 calories from my diet in order to lose those three pounds. I will do this through a combination of eating right and exercising, but it will not be easy. I should have just avoided the horseshoes (those of you from Springfield will know what I am talking about) and my mother-in-law's brownies and banana bread. But I guess avoiding those things is not a very realistic goal - at least not for me. I will just have to work twice as hard as usual now that I am home...

There are some vacations that are diet friendly. Try a hiking vacation in the Rocky Mountains. You can stay in one of the great hotels in Breckenridge, Colorado and visit the website to find great hiking adventures nearby. The website will tell you how to get to the starting point of the hike, whether it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced, and what kinds of things you will encounter during your hike (old mining ruins or creeks.) The mountains aren't only for winter skiing! And, during the summer, the ski resorts aren't nearly as crowded.
Another great option is staying at a beach resort and learning how to surf or scuba dive.
If you fill your days with activities, you will have a great time without even knowing you are exercising!


  1. Thank you for posting- this is inspiring to those of us with that notorius and stubborn last few pounds to destroy! Your family is beautiful, keep up the good work!


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