The Reality of Family Picture Time

Henry is generally a happy kid.

Jack is typically a well-behaved dog.

Today was not a typical or general day for the Rumple family.

Normally, that would be okay. We all have our "off" days, right? The only problem with today being one of those "off" days was the fact that today was family picture day. Yep. We spent lots of money to have one of those professional photographer people follow us around in the pretty wilderness while we act all lovey-dovey and Leave-it-to-Beaver-like.

I was totally prepared. As you learned from my last post, I ate less and worked out more hoping that I wouldn't look fat. Last night, I tried on about 50 outfits (seriously), feeling fat in all of them, while my poor husband helplessly looked on, unable to say anything that wouldn't make me mad. Why was he watching me? Doesn't he know that a woman doesn't like to try on 50 outfits in front of someone else - even if he is married to her? Doesn't he know that in order to get into these jeans I have to do that little get-into-my-jeans-dance? I don't want to do that dance in front of him. But I can't make him leave his own bedroom. He's just watching TV, so I pretend he isn't there until he snickers as I'm trying on the 30th outfit.
"Nothing. I just thought you looked good in the other shirt."
So I ended up with the second shirt that I tried on. What a waste of 2 hours.

Family picture clothing drama behind me, I headed to bed so I would look rested and amazing for our photo session.

Rested and amazing, the morning goes fairly smoothly. Henry dressed and looking so adorable - check. Jack brushed and looking like the cute little Schnauzer that he is - check. Dad's beard groomed and clothes ironed - check. Mom rested, amazing and looking not-fat - check.

We get to the beautiful park with no problems, just on time. We meet the photographer and start heading down the wooded trail in search of some great places to take some pictures. Then Henry trips over a rock and falls right onto his stomach. His belly, chest and the front of his legs covered in dirt and leaves, I frantically pick him up and start to wipe off his totally cool shirt and vest. Great. Not even one picture taken and Henry is already dirty. This could be interesting.

We find a great little spot next to the stream, take some pictures.
We find a cool little log to sit on, take some pictures.
"Henry, look over here! Smile! Henry! Hey Henry!"
"Jack, sit! Sit, Jack. Hey Jack, look here! Want a treat Jack? Oh, Jaaaack....."
Jack gets into the mud.
Henry falls again.
Henry won't let Cory hold him for any pictures. Only me. Mama's boy.

Henry is obviously getting tired of having his picture taken, so we decide to head up to an area with a pretty mountain view to end our session. This is a great opportunity for us to all change our shirts (yes, we each brought two shirts) and have a little snack. On the way up to the mountain view, I give Henry a snack-sized box of raisins.

We get up to the spot and the photographer directs us to an area to stand for some pictures. We get all ready to pose and I try to take Henry's box of raisins away. This does not make him a very happy camper. Okay, okay... let's just give him a few minutes to finish his raisins. Frustrated because he can't get the last few raisins out of the bottom of the box, he begins to cry. Okay, okay... Let Mommy help you. That doesn't help. He's mad. Cory gets so frustrated that Henry is crying he takes the raisin box and tells us all that we're just going to let Henry cry it out. Great. Cry it out on picture day. All of the mountain-view pictures are going to have a red-faced, teary-eyed Henry in them.

Well, he never stopped. He cried and cried for what felt like an eternity. Cory insisted that the photographer take some pictures of our screaming, crying boy with the gorgeous mountains behind him. Those should be nice.

The photographer insisted that Cory and I get some pictures with just the two of us. Frustrated, with fake smiles, we hugged and kissed and looked into each other's eyes on a beautiful bridge with a mountain view.

That was the Rumple family picture day. These pictures better be worth it.


  1. Ha ha! I love it. Poor Henry. I think we confuse our kids with picture day when it is outside. In their minds, the park/outdoors is a place to run and go wild. Then we suddenly expect them to sit, smile, and just look adorable. Ummmmm... not happening! :)

    We had family pictures today, too. We found a great, rugged green belt behind the house and the first thing Steven sees... a snake! He tried to catch it, missed the little sucker, and then was distracted for the rest of the hour. Here is what our day sounded like:
    "Steven, the snake is gone. Steven, put down the stick. Grant, stop eating grass. Steven, I said the snake is gone. Grant, smile! Steven, please don't throw/dig/roll in the dirt. Grant, look at the camera. Steven, I said the snake is gone!"

    You hope to get some great pictures, but the memory of picture day will be something you can look back on one day and laugh. (Probably a very costly memory, but a good one!)

  2. Isn't it hilarious?! Exhausting is probably a better word for now, but it will be hilarious to remember it about 5 years from now.

  3. Hey Sarah! I just found your're such a cool gal! I definitely hear your frustration...know that you're not alone. So many other families go through the same thing. I'm a big believer that kids are able to pick up on the stress of the people around them...which there's usually a lot more of on picture day! :) Most parents are ecstatic when they see what I'm able to capture in between the fussy moments. I hope you love your photos and feel that all the stress was worth it! :)


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